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We offer a range of services supporting wellness at a Spiritual, Mental and Physical level through a combination of technology and natural products.

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Personalised Assessment Call / 20 Minutes / Free

Not sure of what you need? We can give you a call and talk more about the options we have on offer.

Zyto Session / 1 hour / $65 NZD

Start with this non-invasive scan, it's like a questionnaire for your body. Then, you can involve your health practitioner or implement the products and services listed in the report. This scan is foundational in maintaining and supporting your body's needs.

Ionic Foot Bath / 40 Minutes / $39 NZD

Rebalance positive and negative ions in your body.

Foot Pamper / 45 Minutes / $59 NZD

Enjoy an Ionic foot bath or a salt bath followed by an exfoliation. Head out the door with a special oil blend on your feet strengthening and grounding you for the rest of the day.

Microcurrent Session / 1 hour / $75 NZD

Microcurrent gently applied by electrodes. Acts at cellular level.
Time will vary depending on programme needed.

Resonance Session / 30 Minutes / $79 NZD

Vibration signal through quantum sensor.
Remote session available.

Raindrop Massage / 1.5 hours / $130 NZD

Gentle Massage. Balancing and stimulating body systems using essential oils.

EVOX Session / 1 hour / $149 NZD

Perception reframing through analysis of the voice, helping to remove blocks and activate possibility thinking.

Counseling / 1 Hour (45 min <14 yrs) /$100 NZD

Sometimes our thinking becomes what we call 'problem-saturated'. We encourage people to discover another way, because there is ALWAYS ANOTHER WAY.

EMF Shield Workshop / 2 Hours /$10 NZD

Thrive in a fast paced world. Bio Energetic Technology is life-changing. 

Our available products work in conjunction with your body's natural Biofield to enhance and increase your sense of well-being, balance, energy, vitality & relief from stress and anxiety. This includes any stress from man-made electromagnetic fields. Products are manufactured in the U.S. and each one is handcrafted and designed using non-toxic plant-based resin. 

*Energy For Life does not seek to diagnose or treat any illness. We will not use a technology on anyone who has contraindications for that particular service. Please see your health practitioner with any questions or to make a treatment plan.

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