About Us

This is Energy For Life

We are a new Centre located in Hamilton New Zealand, supporting wellness at a spiritual, mental and physical level through a combination of technology and natural products.

'Nothing rests. Everything vibrates. Everything, in some subtle way, moves.
Life is movement. When this movement is disturbed, there is dis-ease.'

Meet Raewyn

Raewyn has been involved with natural products for well over a decade after facing a health challenge in her own family. She specialises in working through trauma and generational issues to see people walk into wholeness. Passionate about helping people repattern their internal world so that their life can change in every area; she helps people walk into wholeness and freedom. Raewyn is experienced in mentoring and coaching others around the world to walk into a more fulfilling life.

Meet Susan

Susan trained as a counsellor hoping to be able to use her life experience and counseling skills to accompany people on their pursuit of growth. It's not what happens to us that determines what our lives will be like, rather it's how we think about what happens to us that shapes our lives. Susan believes that every setback can be a set-up for a come-back! She connects readily with any age and has experience in most areas of counseling eg. depression, anger, grief, managing tricky emotions, parenting, goal setting, anxiety to mention a few. 

Meet Yolinda

TOMATIS® CONSULTANT LEVEL 4,                                     Pharmacist, Mineral Therapy Consultant

Yolinda works holistically, integrating brain and body with unique programmes to re-wire neural pathways, enhance and improve brain function. Her son’s severe dyslexia motivated her to find the best programmes to unlock his potential and it became a passion. She has seen tangible, permanent improvements in people’s lives. Yolinda has more than 40 years experience as a clinical pharmacist and mineral therapist, enabling her to advise on medications, natural remedies, and detox treatments to optimise health and functional well-being.

Meet Alina

Feldenkrais® Practitioner, Pain Science educator

Alina's journey towards becoming a Feldenkrais® practitioner started from the desire to help her child who had had a stroke at just 40 days old. While originally she's been looking for ways to support children with special needs and their families, she now loves taking care of mums at any stage of their mothering journey. She is also fascinated by all things brain, and in her work with people living with persistent pain, she combines gentle movement, skilled touch and pain science education. She helps people learn new and more effective ways of doing what they like. 

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